May 4, 2023: We are grateful for a 3-year DOE regular grant, which will support our solid-state NMR research on lignin and polysaccharides in plant tissues
April 19, 2023: We are the recipient of the 2023 Varian Young Investigator Award. The Award is presented at the 64th ENC. We appreciate the strong support from our NMR community!
Jan 11, 2023: We received an R01 grant from NIH-NIAID to support our NMR research on fungal cell wall and antifungal resistance. Check out the story here.
Dec 6, 2022: We welcome new graduate coworkers Ankur, Kalpana, Deb, Paninga, and Anand. Our postdoc coworker Subba will join us in Feb 2023. Team rebuilt.
Aug 16, 2022: Wang group has moved to the Department of Chemistry at Michigan State University.
Dec 8, 2021: Our review of NMR research on cell walls and extracellular matrixes has been published in Chemical Reviews. The paper is accompanied with a highlight as a supplementary cover.
Nov 4, 2021: Our first study of the carbohydrates in microalgae has been published in J. Am. Chem. Soc. The paper has been selected for a highlight on the front cover of the journal. Check out our Cover Art.
Nov 3, 2021: Our study of the cell wall organization in fungal mutants have been published in Nature Communications. Check out the story on Science Daily, EurekAlert! and National MagLab.
Oct 22-24, 2021: We have hosted the 49th SEMRC conference.
April 8, 2021: We are a recipient of the 2021 Anatole Abragam Prize by the International Society of Magnetic Resonance (ISMAR). The prize will be presented in the 22nd ISMAR conference (August 22 – 27, 2021, Osaka, Japan).
Oct 26, 2020: We have received an ACS-PRF DNI grant to support exploratory studies on petroleum-related materials.
July 21, 2020: We have received funding support from NSF Major Research Instrumentation (MRI) program. Look forward to the 700 MHz solid & solution dual mode NMR very soon! Ultrafast spinning at 111 kHz in house now.
June 23, 2020: We have received the DOE Early Career Award, which supports our research elucidating lignin-carbohydrate interactions in plant secondary cell walls.
March 19, 2020: We have received support from DOE Center for Lignocellulose Structure and Formation (CLSF), which is a DOE Energy Frontiers Research Center (EFRC).
Feb 5, 2020: We have received an R21 grant from NIH-NIAID to support our research identifying the structural factors of cell walls that contribute to fungal virulence and drug resistance.
Dec 6, 2019: We have received the NSF CAREER Award! The 5-year award provides support that allows us to develop methods to further enable carbohydrate NMR and DNP research as well as to continue our educational efforts!
Oct 27, 2019: We will be hosting the 49th SouthEast Magnetic Resonance Conference (SEMRC) in Fall 2020. Look forward to the visit of our EPR, MRI and NMR folks to the beautiful campus of LSU at Baton Rouge!
June 1, 2019: We received the Ralph E. Powe Junior Faculty Enhancement Award as seed fund to support research of maize cell wall.
April 1-12, 2019: The conference season: Tuo delivered four talks about our plant, fungi, DNP, database and ultrahigh-field results at ACS (Orlando) and ENC (Asilomar). Xue, Alex and Malitha presented three posters at ENC and Arnab presented a poster at SERYM (Atlanta).
March 27, 2019: The first day of CCMRD (Complex Carbohydrate Magnetic Resonance Database). The beta version supports user deposition and data search by the carbohhydrate name or chemical shifts. Upgrades on the way.
Feb 8, 2019: 1.5 GHz NMR @ the national maglab. Many beautiful, sharp lines and a great improvement in resolution!
Jan 21, 2019: Another paper on Nature Communications. Congrats to Xue, Alex and Malitha! This study elucidated the molecular interactions of lignin and carbohydrates using intact maize stems. Check out the story on Science, EurekAlert! and National MagLab.
Aug 20, 2018: We have received the  NSF-EPSCoR grant for supporting our fundamental research on carbohydrate solid-state NMR spectroscopy and DNP methods.
July 16, 2018: Our first paper is published on Nature Communications. This study employs solid-state NMR methods to characterize the architecture of intact fungal cell walls. Check out the story on Science Daily,, EurekAlert! and National MagLab.
May 18, 2018: Our first proposal on fungal research is funded by LSU Biomedical Collaborative Research Program. 
Oct 16, 2017: Our first trip to the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory. Enjoy the spectrometers, weather and food at Tallahassee:)
July 4, 2017: The first day of Wang Group: Independence day to be independent!


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